About OCDI – Preface



Established in 1976, OCDI (the Overseas Coastal Area Development Institute of Japan) has achieved outstanding results and made important contributions in the field of port and coastal  development in developing countries.  We have formulated port development plans, improved the efficiency of port management and operations, and strengthened administrative capacity in more than 250 ports and 70 countries throughout the world through our projects and cooperative efforts.  In addition, we have been continuously conducting training programs for port officials in various countries which has enabled us to build a wide network of trust among governments and engineers in recipient countries.

The needs which our institute are expected to meet are always changing with the times.  The current coronavirus pandemic will bring about significant changes in our society, economy, and the flow of goods and people.  Accordingly, the roles of coastal areas and specifically ports will also change.  Irreversible changes such as automation and digitalization, energy substitution due to decarbonization, mainstreaming of the environment, and risk management for disasters etc., will occur globally.  OCDI must respond swiffly and flexibly to such changes and needs.

Fortunately,  OCDI brings together people with vast experience and expertise in different disciplines and fields such as shipping, stevedoring, construction, equipment design as well as port management at both the national and local government levels.  This allows us to assemble a team of specialists with Access to a wide range of international and domestic data that can accurately analyze and solve the issues related to any assignment.  In addition, OCDI actively makes recommendations to the Japanese government on port policy including management and operation based on the findings of the various surveys we conduct throughout the world.  In future, we will strive to respond promptly and flexibly to new changes and needs in both a creative and practical manner by increasing collaboration with universities, research institutes, the private sector and other means.

We will do our best to enhance the quality of Japan’s international cooperation, to earn the trust of developing countries and the world, and to assist in formulating Japan’s port policy based on our knowledge and activities.  We would like to ask all of you for your continued support and cooperation.

June 2020

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President of OCDI