About OCDI – Preface



Since its establishment in 1976, the Overseas Coastal Area Development Institute of Japan (OCDI) has been a prominent driver in promoting Japan’s offical development assistance (ODA) in the port sector.
OCDI has been supporting various countries through implementing studies on port and coastal area development, streamlining port management and operation as well as institutional strengthening. These studies have covered more than 250 ports in more than 70 countries throughout the world. We are always gratified when the projects recommended in these studies are successfully implemented and contribute to the growth of developing countries.
OCDI has also carried out various kinds of training courses, inviting more than 1,000 people from port-related circles from all over the world. Many former trainees have assumed prominent positions in their respective ports and are applying the knowledge acquired in Japan to management and operation.
The business environment of world ports is rapidly changing. Increasing containerization, enlarging container vessels, expansion of mega-terminal operators, privatization of ports are some of the major issues which have emerged in international container shipping. On the other hand, the development of bulk terminals to handle coal or other energy related materials are needed, especially in African and South Asian countries where energy demands have sharply increased due to their rapidly growing economies.
In addition, emerging needs for improving port management and operation include the computerization of port procedures and alleviation of traffic congestion in the port area.
OCDI is determined to respond to the changing needs of the port sector in developing countries by making full use of its know-how and highly experienced staff.


President Eiji TOMIDA
President of OCDI