OCDI Takeuchi Yoshio Logistics Award for T-LOG

– Established in 2014 to commemorate his contribution to the logistics field –

Dr. Yoshio Takeuchi (1923-2011)

1946 Graduated from the University of Tokyo and joined the Ministry of Transport
1973 Director-General, Ports and Harbors Bureau, the Ministry of Transport Contributed to the development of Kashima Port (which involved the development of a port and industrial area in tandem)
1976 The first President of OCDI (a Japanese non-profit port research institute focused on ports in developing countries) Contributed to the development of the Eastern Seaboard, Thailand
1984 The first President of Kansai International Airport Company
1993 The 81st President, JSCE (Japan Society of Civil Engineers)


  • Papers will be evaluated on the basis of their potential application to a practical field of logistics
  • Prize money for the OCDI Takeuchi Yoshio Logistics Award is US $1,000
  • OCDI Young Researcher Award (for researchers under 40 years of age) is also established for the same purpose


  • Any research paper related to the logistics field is eligible. A paper which can be applied to practical fields will be highly evaluated.
  • Awarding Committee (or International Scientific Committee) of each conference selects the winning paper(s) and submits them to OCDI for
    approval. A presenter designated by OCDI will present the award to the winner at the conference.
  • The winner will be announced on OCDI’s website after the conference. He/she may be requested to allow OCDI to include an outline of the awarded paper in its magazine.

Winners in T-LOG 2014

  • The winners of OCDI Awards were announced and awarded in the T-LOG 2014 conference (the fifth international conference on Transportation and Logistics), which was held in Bangkok, Thailand on 28-30 July, 2014.
  • The winners of OCDI Logistics Award for Young Researchers were Dr. Mingyao QI (Associate Professor, Tsinghua University, China) for his paper entitled ”A Mobile Facility Routing Problem with Service-time-related Demands” and Ms. Angkana Leelakulkietchai (Master Course Student, King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang) for her paper entitled ”A Reference Model of the Distribution Center in Hospital Supply Chain.”

Contribution of Dr. Takeuchi to the Logistics Field

  • In order to share Japanese experience and knowledge in the port sector and coastal area development with developing countries, he founded the Overseas Coastal Area Development Institute of Japan (OCDI) in 1976 and presided as the first president for eight years.
  • As president of OCDI, he headed international cooperation and exchange in port and coastal area development by providing technical assistance and making policy recommendations to developing countries in East and Southeast Asia, Latin America, and Africa.
  • He proposed a comprehensive regional development plan of the Eastern Seaboard area in Thailand based on the successful example at the Port of Kashima in Japan. With the assistance of Japanese ODA, the regional development project (including a deep-sea commercial port at Laem Chabang and industrial port at Map Ta Phut) contributed to the rapid economic growth of Thailand in the following years.


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