Consulting Services
OCDI renders the following consulting services to assist thedevelopment of all types of port and related coastal areas.

  1. Project finding studies and appraisals
  2. Master plan studies
  3. Feasibility studies
  4. Management and operation studies
  5. Transport network studies
  6. Regional and/or local development planning studies
  7. Assistance for port privatization
Port of Sihanoukville / Cambodia
Port of Sihanoukville / Cambodia



Training and Seminars
To foster skilled personnel and for the purpose of technical transfer to developing countries, OCDI executes training programs and technical cooperation projects. The following activities are undertaken independently by OCDI or in cooperation with other organizations.

  1. Technical cooperation project
  2. Dispatch of expent to developing countries
  3. Training programs related to port engineering, port management, etc.
  4. Invitation program for VIPs from developing countries
JICA group training
JICA group training
Project in ElSavador
Project in ElSavador



Research and Studies
OCDI conducts various research and studies necessary for advancing technical cooperation with developing countries. In recent years, the subjects of these Studies have become diversified in response to changing world needs. Some studies and research are implemenated by special working groups established within OCDI.

Studies conducted to date include the following:
  1. Port privatization
  2. Port management and operation
  3. Port finances and tariff
  4. Container terminal operation
  5. International cargo movement trends
Port of Toamashina / Madagascar
Port of Toamashina / Madagascar


Other Services and Activities

  1. Collection of latest information related to international port sector.
  2. Dispersal of Japanese Technical Standerds and other related information.
  3. Participation in PIANC (Permanent International Association of Navigation Congresses), IAPH (The International Association of Ports and Harbours), APEC (Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation) (4) Various advisory services
Port of Tokyo
Port of Tokyo