“JICA Group Training Course on Strategic Port Administration and Management (for port manager)” has started!!

The captioned course started on October 16th and will last until November 21th. This year we welcomed 17 trainees from 14 countries including Brazil, Burundi, Cambodia and Cote D’ivoire.
Each trainee brought a report outlining the current status of their ports and made a presentation in front of other trainees and the panel.
For the next step, trainees are expected to elaborate a feasible action plan for their own country following a series of lectures which will be given by members of OCDI and MLIT, port management body, other port-related agencies and a port trip which they will visit capital port in Japan.
Through this training, we hope trainees will be able to apply some of the technologies implemented in Japan, such as effective use of existing structures, cost-effectiveness and environmental-friendliness, to port development in their own countries.


Mr. Tomida,President of OCDI, addressing participants of the training course.