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Published by; The Overseas Coastal Area Development Institute of Japan

An English version of the “Technical Standards and Commnetaries for Port and Harbour Facilities in Japan” covering the principal parts of the Japanese Standards which came into effect in the year 2007 under the Port and Harbour Act was translated and published by the Overseas Coastal Area Development Institute of Japan (OCDI) in October 2009.


Hardcover in A4 size, 1028 pages
52,000yen (shipping included)

    Main Contents

  • Principle of Performance-based Design Method
  • Meteorology and Oceanography ( Winds, Tides, Waves, Tsunamis, etc.)
  • Natural Conditions ( Soils, Earthquakes, Dynamic Analysis, Ground Liquefaction, Environment, etc.)
  • Materials ( Steel, Concrete, Stone, Recycle Materials, etc.)
  • Foundations ( Shallow, Deep, Pile, Soil Improvement, etc.)
  • Waterways and Basins(Dimension of channel, etc.)
  • Protective Facilities for Harbors ( Gravity-type, Pile-Type, Wave-absorbing Caisson Type, etc. )
  • Mooring Facilities ( Gravity-type, Sheet Pile, Piled Pier, Cellular -bulkhead, etc.)
  • Port Transportation Facilities ( Road, Tunnel, Bridge, etc.)
  • Cargo Sorting Facilities ( Cargo Handling Equipment, etc.)
  • Storage Facilities ( Warehouses, Open Storage Yards, etc.)
  • Other Facilities ( Waste Disposal Site, Beach, etc.)

A distinguishing feature of this Technical Standards is the adoption of the performance-based design method conforming to WTO required ISO 2394, ISO 23469 and ISO 21650 as opposed to the previously applied specification-based design method.

The Technical Standards contains state-of-the-art technology indicated above among others is believed to be an indispensable publication for engineers in charge of design, construction and maintenance of port and Harbour facilities as well as persons engaging in port management and operation.

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